Visit Nashua, New Hampshire

Traveling in Nashua, New Hampshire is a true feast for the senses in each of the seasons. In autumn, the vibrant colors of the various trees will titillate your vision. The beautiful winter’s snow will provide the visitor with incredible views and lungs that say “Wow. So that’s what fresh air smells like”. Spring provides guests with an array of newly, flourishing plants and flowers. The warmth of summer allows all to enjoy the lush greenery and incredible lakes. There is always something fun to do in Nashua regardless of the time of year.

For those nature lovers that plan to visit this versatile city, I would have to suggest going to the Beaver Brook Environmental Center. It is about 2100 acres of pure and simple nature. The hiking and horseback riding trails have varied terrain. Snowshoe enthusiasts find Beaver Brook a great place for a good long trek and spectacular mountain views. Summertime proves much excitement for birdwatchers and bicyclists alike.

Nashua, New Hampshire has two golf courses within its city limits. Both the Overlook Country Club and the Nashua Country Club are popular venues for the local golfing community and guests. There are several other courses in neighboring towns.

The area boasts a wide variety of lodging options. Small Mom and Pop style motels sprinkle the city alongside major chain hotels. There are many cozy bed and breakfasts with incredible New England charm.

Restaurants are many. There are the typical fast food places and sandwich shops everywhere. Sit down meal options range from Applebee’s to gourmet style fare. There is something that will please the palate of even the most discerning diner.

When you get tired from all of the activities the area has to offer, you’ll want some down time. Go to Chunky’s Cinema Pub and catch a movie. Chunky’s is awesome because you can actually relax, watch a flick and have a drink.  There aren’t many places you can do that anymore. Typical pub fare such as burgers and fries are reasonably priced. Chunky’s is definitely a great place to unwind.

Whether you plan to ski or just sightsee, Nashua, New Hampshire is the place to be. The friendly people will welcome you and treat you like an old friend. It’s no wonder that this city is continuing to grow.

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