New Hampshire Tourism

New Hampshire Tourism

New Hampshire is the perfect vacation destination for those who want to have a fun and active holiday. There is a range of possible activities that is bound to attract everyone in the family. New Hampshire is popular tourist destination in any season, as you can go hiking in the spring, sunbathe on a beach in summer, enjoy the fall foliage in autumn, and ski on the slopes in winter. On a rainy day you can tour a world class Museum or head to a cozy coffee shop.  Here are some of the activities one can enjoy while on vacation in New Hampshire.


One of the most popular activities in New Hampshire is camping among the beautiful surroundings, which offer breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding land. There are nineteen state parks to choose from, all of which offer various camping experiences such as primitive camping, cabin rentals, full-service RV hookups, and lean-tos. The parks have reservation offices where visitors can get complete information regarding their needs.


New Hampshire also offers over four thousand miles of hiking trails, which can give visitors the experience of a lifetime. The trails vary in terms of difficulty, from easy-to-follow trails to highly challenging terrain. New Hampshire is known for its breathtaking beauty and refreshing solitude. Visitors don’t have to worry about not getting enough of a workout on their vacations – these trails will make anyone’s feet move.

For young travelers New Hampshire offers nature-learning trails. The young travelers get to experience nature up close, and learning centers along the trails promote an appreciation of nature.

Hunting and fishing

New Hampshire offers wonderful hunting and fishing opportunities. There are many places where visitors can go fishing for warm- and cold-water fish such as stripers, largemouth bass, brookies, and bluefish in the peaceful water of the lakes. There are also opportunities for Atlantic fishing and whale-watching in New Hampshire.

The surrounding woods provide plenty of game-hunting opportunities. A variety of hunts are available, including white tail deer, moose, wild turkey, and black bear. All the fishing and hunting in the parks require permits, which are available from various areas throughout New Hampshire.


In the winter season, an entirely different New Hampshire greets fun-lovers. New Hampshire offers some of the best terrain for snowmobiling enthusiasts. With over seven thousand miles of snowmobiling trails, there are countless snowmobiling clubs in New Hampshire that provide relevant guidance and equipment. For those interested in coming along and joining in the fun, adding travel insurance to give your holiday here peace of mind, without overspending, would be a good idea. New Hampshire also offers a variety of terrains for different level of skiers to enjoy.

Apart from these activities, New Hampshire also provides a variety of opportunities for kayakers and canoers. While lazily crossing the river, kayakers and canoers can experience adventures close to the water. New Hampshire has more than one hundred waterfalls; most of them are in the White Mountains. Some of them are visible from the road: Silver Cascade and Flume Cascade are on the north side of Route 302 in Crawford Notch. Others require a walk or hike. New Hampshire appeals to everyone because of its diverse and beautiful terrain.. The state is a treat for nature lovers, as they are able to enjoy some of the best of nature’s creations during any season.

Planning Your New Hampshire Vacation

The cost of your visit to New Hampshire will vary depending on the season you visit.  If you are on limited budget be sure to avoid the big holiday weekends as well as the peak of fall foliage season which occurs in late September through early October.  Book in advance to save even more.  Consult travel sites a few weeks prior to your departure for rates and refund policies to ensure you have budgeted correctly.  With a little planning your New Hampshire vacation will go off without a hitch.

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